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WikiMapping is growing via word of mouth!

As Peter Robie, a planner at Toole Design Group, said, “WikiMapping has been a large and indispensable piece of the project – it really took things in a direction that we couldn’t have gone otherwise.” 

Our map team serves planners at consulting firms, government agencies, and non-profits.  

We would be glad to provide references from any of our users because they generally set up more than one project.

You can evaluate a WikiMapping project at no cost.  

Just login!  If you’d like, our map team, led by Steve Spindler, can talk about your needs and personally guide you through setting up a project.

When you are ready to activate your project, the price is only $349.  

This low price is intentional so that planners know what to budget in their proposals.

Useful results.

WikiMapping results can be downloaded as KMLs, shapefiles, and CSV data.  Some projects simply email a comment to a designated group each time one is submitted.

Thanks for checking out WikiMapping! 

Steve Spindler & John Zeng
We are at your service.


Some ways to use WikiMapping

Public input - Validated


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Getting routes – As a planner, you not only need origin destination data, you may also need to know routes and barriers.

People add comments – With this survey, people can draw lines and add points on a custom base map.

People validate comments – People can view comments made by others, and they can add their own comments.

It’s like being at a public meeting and having people show you what they care about.

Public input - Closed Survey


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Survey on a Map – A survey question pops up when a line or point is added to the map.

Private results – People can’t see comments from others.

Three kinds of surveys – Surveys are attached to the Welcome message, Line, and Point.  

You have choices in how you set up a project.  As part of a survey, people can even upload files.

Database Management


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Crowdsource Updates – Bike shops come and go, and it can be challenging to keep things updated.  With WikiMapping, you can let them.

To make a change – A visitor can register with his or her email and add a new shop.  Alternatively, he or she can comment on an existing shop.

How you benefit – As a project administrator, you become the content moderator, not just the provider. Get an optional alert email each time someone makes a change to the database.


Field research on your phone


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Save Time in the field – Take photos with your mobile phone and upload them to the map.  No app required.

Import tracks –  If you want to track your route with an app such as MotionXGPS, you can then import the routes into your project.

How we use this – We take photos with our mobile devices and upload them from a desktop.  Then we have data that we can refer to when making maps.



If you want us to walk through a project with you so that you can learn more, email us at

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